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Seller Dispute Refund Item Back

So I was recently selling an item, and someone opened a case against me for not as described, which is fine I guess, so I told them that I'd give them a refund if they shipped the item back, they agreed, but then PayPal automatically closed the case ...

MS_197272 by New Community Member
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Resolved! Anyone ever dealt with Click Wu LLC?

Anyone ever dealt with a company called Click Wu LLC? They scammed me through PayPal when I purchased a “free” hat for $4.95 shipping and ended up charging me $55 dollars for something I didn’t order. I called their number and got a computer phone lo...

Corrupt paypal deleted my post

Wow i just typed a ton then stupid thing deleted after choosing an option..send 3 payments to same guy(cause 2 said failed/declined and then pending an hour later so i sent additional $20 to cover fees to the now know thief.sent $800 from debit decli...

What to do about a foot dragging seller?

Hello, I purchased an item (computer) via Swappa on Feb 15 using my credit card stored on PayPal. It's been 9 days since I paid on Feb 15, 7 days since I initially and politely asked the seller about a shipping date, and 4 days after Swappa's rules r...

Stolen money

Hi. I have Kazakhstan credit card. Someone attached it to PayPal account and stole my money using your services. Please block transaction and say personal information of frauder to Kazakhstan Bank

Reya Digital ou

I have a recurring charge from a company I never heard of. I have no idea what I am paying for. Have tried emailing in the past to cancel with no response. What do I do??

GmaH by Contributor
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