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Sales Insights is empty.

My Sales Insights is empty. not showing any data. Any ideas what to do ? (desktop/windows 10. Arizona)

ZoeRubi by Contributor
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Is anything being done to correct the Sales Insight issues?

Nothing works correctly on Android App and nothing for 2024 is working on PC. I've tried to reinstall but no change.  I'm not finding any positive results on the community board that this is being resolved or even worked on. 

RSleigher by New Community Member
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Sales insights dashboar issues

Why is the sales insights dashboard on PayPal andoid app displaying wrong numbers with decimals? It has been like this for more than a month now.

Ben2420 by New Community Member
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Sales insights

Hi there My sales insights stopped working on the business app last month. Any idea why? I normally use them all the time.

Doecops by Contributor
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My Sales Insights is showing up as cents instead of dollars? For instance it now says $0.40 when it should be more like $400.

financial summaries and invoices

How do you deal with sending your accountant income invoices for business paypal?Do you send them each sale as a invoice? Or do you group them together once a week, month etc? I would rather send my sales weekly, but I can't find any functions on Pay...

Sales Insights report isn't available?

Sales Insights report isn't available. I use this report tool on a daily basis. especially comparing to previous year. The data for current year isn't available yesterday and today. The previous year is still showing. Anyone knows what's going on?  

ZoeRubi by Contributor
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I need my old 2020 sales history from ebay.

I need my sales history from ebay from Sept 9 2020 til dec 2020 but it does not allow me when i try and request it on ebay anymore. I was told paypal still has that history since all payments used to go through paypal.  Any help would be very helpful...

jayngo by Contributor
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