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2022 Braintree 1099K help

Every year since 2014 my 1099k is in my dashboard except 2022. I have been emailing since 3/22/23 with no resolution and have been on hold for over 4 hours (and counting) today. I have well over 20k in sales but under 200 transactions per the IRS gui...

Need addresses of payments received from 2021.

Hello, I need the physical addresses on all the payments received under transaction history in order to do my sales tax I need to know which sales were in state sales. I can get all the customer and transaction information except the physical address...

yjuughi by Contributor
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How to Report Gambling Losses?

Hello, I am desperate for help and would appreciate any insight the community can provide.In 2019 I engaged in far more online gambling and sports betting than I should. It has taken time, but I have thankfully been able to put this chapter of my lif...

bobcobb301 by New Community Member
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Flagged for taxes but not a business?

I am trying to find answers as to why I am being classified as a small business for a tax form for "Making $600" for being paid back by friends for the majority of my transactions.Earlier this year, I had loaned a fair amount of money to a friend. He...

Tax Reporting 1099K

My Fandule deposits into my paypal account are being reported as business income.I will be getting a 1099 W-2G from Fandule gambling app.This will cause the same income to be reported as taxable income twice

taxpayer, taxes

Guys please help me Can you tell me why I have to pay US taxes and become a taxpayer if I don’t live in US and I am not a citizen of US? How can I resolve this? I don’t want to pay such high taxes

Tax id hold for non USA citizen

Hello, in 4th July my money on PayPal became tax id hold . I bring documents that I am not a USA citizen , and PayPal replied that they accept my documents and no more actions required . When I log in the money was still on hold . I contacted again t...

Phone game payouts and tax documents?

So a friend of mine made an attempt to help me get a little extra folding green on the side by helping me to download and figure out how to cash out on the many phone games that let you cash out prizes in the form of either a direct transaction or gi...