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Resolved! Transaction Details

If My Friend Pays 100 USD then in INDIA (INR) how much will I receive to bank Account. Payment Mode : PayPal Please give me some detailed answer.

Vikas04 by New Community Member
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How to pay payment receiving fees

Hi there! I’m new with PayPal so I would like to know how PayPal charges any payment receiving fees, does is get deducted from the money coming in, or do I need to pay it into the senders account?

Payment always charges so much extra

Hello guys i am new to this payapl world. So i want to know why always when i make a payment through paypal it always charge extra from the amount given there. Can anyone tell what are percentage on which it charge extra and why it does that

Yash101 by New Community Member
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International Payment

I'm to receive a payment for items sent to Japan and have to add the paypal charges to the invoice. I need to confirm the total paypal charges for the international payment from Japan. Tried phoning the help line - but they hadn't got a clue.

Miran46 by New Community Member
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Refunds - some fees not refunded to seller

Is everybody agreeing with: "Refunds - Full Refunds If you refund a Commercial Transaction payment, there are no fees to make the refund, but the fees you originally paid to receive the payment are not returned to you."?