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I think I am being scammed!

I keep receiving emails saying that my account is on hold.  And that I have a charge.  It is always a different amount and it is aways a large amount.  Today it was 499.96.  I am not making any purchases.  When I call the number they provide and they...

lmassey by New Community Member
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I want to donate, but not under my real name.

I want to donate a sum of money to someone, but I'm not really comfortable with them knowing my real name. Can I hide my real name under a pseudoname? I don't have anything to hide from paypal just from them. Thanks

Dell 17 7000 2-in-1 touch screen laptop

I ALMOST fell for this scan too but just when I was about to make my payment in paypal, I noticed that the payment recipient's name is in chinese characters. This has been the biggest red flag that made me back out. Also, wasnt sure if the paypal sit...

riggs1220 by New Community Member
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Regarding scammed website what to do

1. What the best way to handle this can of issues? What if the someone falls for this trap can paypal recovered, refund back the amount of money done in any transaction made? How this gonna resolve?

EBQ1911 by Contributor
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New Referral Error Issue With Valid Email

I am attempting to refer a friend and receive the message "Please enter a valid email or phone number" or words to that effect. Both email and phone number have been verified. Has anyone else had this issue, and what is the resolution?

kjp0403 by New Community Member
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