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Goods and services chosen by mistake

Paid by goods and service by mistake, should have been friends and family been charged £44 fee money was refunded minus the £44 fee, can I get this refunded? 

Gilly61 by Contributor
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Fees deducted

Why was I charged a fee for receiving money? Is not the one who sends it should be charged?!

sgalang by New Community Member
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40% charged as FEE amount for $1 Transaction

Hello, I'm from India, today a friend from the USA sent me $1 via this link  (<Removed>) which I gave him. I'm a freelancer (Blogger).But I'm shocked to see that I received only $0.60 and  $0.40 charged as the FEE amount. Why was such a huge percent ...

Avinash76 by New Community Member
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Getting money in PayPal

When receiving a payment from a person I seem to be getting charged when I received $2 from a person I only ended up being able to cash out a $1.45 then when I was sent $10 I was only able to cash out $9.22 why am I being charged for this normally yo...