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Mysterious Email

I got an email from paypal that says " The billing agreement that allowed Zazzle Inc. to make the payment for your booking has been cancelled " What is this?

DiaCap64 by Contributor
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I'm just curious if anyone here has used the site  Confidence in the site is low from what I have seen, and when I went to check out it was registered to a, I am assuming, Chinese company, as I can't read characters I can't be sure.  T...

ajhilzy by New Community Member
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In case someone else gets this scam email

Looks genuine but after it asks for all of my paypal acct info, i checked and its contact info are all bogus. A supposedly charge from upinus pte ltd but checking paypal acct, the charge isnt there... the web address looks weird too. Dont get duped a...

GeeBelau by Contributor
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Buyer Protection on Used computer hardware

Trying to find out if I buy a used motherboard through fb marketplace and I don’t receive it or it’s was a misleading item discerption, can I get a refund through pay pal buyer protection.

Swhidbee by New Community Member
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Was this a phishing email?

I received an email from PayPal tgat said inside. ” Your PayPal account has been temporarily restricted”. You were recently asked to take an action on your account and it looks like we didn't receive a requested response. Why is your account restrict...

Legitimate company?

Hi I am looking at buying something from a vendor that only accepts PayPal and I want to make sure that this is legitimate company. It will be a large payment of $10,000. And to check if there are any complaints against them. Any suggestions?

sending money

hello, I a,m planning to the gold from Cameroon. Of payment will be pay by PayPal. I have a question. If the seller doesn't send the gold, or fake gold is send, will pay off my money PayPal?

kbnd43 by New Community Member
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Resolved! Scam from ARL collect

My daughter received an email from ARL saying she owes $121.92 on her PayPal and to log in and pay it straight away. She doesn’t owe anything and never has. Is this a scam?