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interest free

Looking to buy sofabed from argos - if I pay off balance by 6 months is it interest free- I am not new customer to paypal

Howeet by New Community Member
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Extra fees in same currency transactions?

Hello. Sorry for the odd title, but I was the best I could think of.  But here is my question:If I convert money in my wallet into a different Currency, in this case Euros. Will there be any extra fees if I shop at a store that uses Euros. Or will I ...

Resolved! PayPal fees and charges

U.K. PayPal account holder for 20 years - noticed over the past months PayPal have been taking two charges each month from my bank account - one around £10 and another about half of that which varies - what are these charges? I do not use PayPal that...

Paypal Fees

Hi! Why does Paypal deduct a huge fee whenever I receive money from my clients?I was wondering if making my Paypal account as a business account a reason for this. Can anybody shed some light on my predicament here? Thank you so much. 

PayPal Fee

Hi, I am from the Philippines, if I will ask for $200 payment for my service, as how much is the Paypal Fee on top of it?

madph13 by New Community Member
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