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Hi! I have sent money to a person for something I bought and that didn't go so well. To make a long story short. She keeps asking me for more money so she can send my money back. She says that they are in Sandbox and she can't put my information in for withdraw before I pay a fee. Is this correct? And if so why can't just the fee withdraw from the account with the money?
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Hi @Holkarna


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Community Forum! I'm sorry to hear that you're having difficulty with a transaction you made, and what seems like a refund that was supposedly sent to you. This is a frustrating situation, and I'll provide some information that will help with an understanding of what happened.


The Sandbox environment is purely a testing environment. Money in the Sandbox environment is not real money. If a person is trying to convince you that they sent you money in the Sandbox and you would be able to withdraw it, that person is either incorrect, or they are a fraudster.


If the original purchase was made as a Goods and Services payment, you have the option to open a dispute for Item Not Received if nothing came to you, or Significantly Not As Described if you received something but it was incomplete or incorrect. However, if the original payment was sent as a Friends and Family payment, I regret that I have to let you know that there is no Buyer Protection for that payment. Purchases must always be sent as Goods and Services payments so that Buyer Protection can apply.


I know this is a disappointment and an inconvenience, but I hope this information at least helps provide context to the situation.




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