Buyer protection for transfer between 2 personal accounts and the fees



I want to buy goods from some seller, we both have personal accounts. I am in Czechia, he in Germany (both in EU), I will pay in Euros, amount 550EU.

I would like to have the "buyer protection" enabled, what I can do easily when I select "payment for goods". 


I don't understand two things

1)  it says he needs to pay small fee, but in the merchant fee overview I can't find the proper applicable item. Could you please help? What would be the cheapest way how to do it? I send money to his account (email), or he provides me with QR, or?

2) will he recieve the money immediately, then he select any shippment option and in case there is any issue I am protected by Paypal and can ask the Resolution Center to refund me?




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Hello @capo56


Welcome to the PayPal Community! Thank you for choosing PayPal for this transfer, I can understand how it may be a bit confusing at first, but it sounds like you're definitely on the right track. You're correct, if you were to send a payment for Goods and Services, it will charge the recipient a fee, but your will transaction will be eligible for Purchase Protection.


You can find the Merchant Fee Table for Germany here. Based on that table, the cheapest way to receive the payment is through the QR code. Because you are both in the European Economic Area, you will not experience a cross-border / international fee for the transaction. 


They will receive the money into their PayPal Activity right away, however there is always a chance a payment may be placed on hold. For more information on that, I'd recommend they review this Help Center article on Payment Holds.


I hope that clears things up. Good luck with this and future transactions,


 - Jon K

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