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Resolved! Do not use my PayPal Balance for payment.

It is far too easy to use my cash balance towards a credit card purchase.  It has happened several times to me.  How can I make it harder for that to happen.  Can I set the default NOT to use my balance?  If I can, how do I do that?

chzuck by Contributor
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Resolved! Wrong payment source used - prefered card is not used

I have two cards defined on my account. American express- default card- prefered card- it is valid, no issue with limits, use it almost daily.Mastercard - was there as a back up, forget even it is still there since I dont use it at all. I have made t...

Elliehime by Contributor
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Resolved! money sent to wrong account

I was sending money friends & family , but I accidentally sent the money to someone else's PayPal account due to a mistype. Is there any way I can get my money back?

Lynder by Contributor
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Prefered Payment Method being Ignored

Recently when making several online purchases my perfered method of payment has been completely bypassed infavor of a secondary method I hardly ever use. I have had nearly a dozen purchases do this, and after the first one I thought it was a fluke, b...

RethOtto by Contributor
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Wayland Michigan

Tried to deposit money into my online casino game, which have never had previous issues in doing so. Now it's declined saying international transactions. Which neither myself or the merchant are international both are located in Michigan. Some of my ...

National Grid

My National Grid bill is not added to PayPal. It says wrong account number entered. The account number and full zip cpde are correct. Taken right from the bill. 

Tollawa by Contributor
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