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Preferred Payment Method isn't being used

Hey All,   I have a credit card and debit card linked to my account.  My credit card has always been my preferred payment method. My debit card is only on there because they make you.      Anyways, the original credit card was cancelled due to fraudu...

BH31 by Contributor
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Your account is not supported for this action

Trying to send money to friend in Ukraine from Israel, but receiving an error: "Your account is not supported for this action". I don't see any limitations to resolve in Resolution Center, also I didn't get any email about limitations in PayPal. So, ...

nivans by New Community Member
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Home page clarification

On the home page where you have the option to send again, 1) how are those people chosen 2) if I’ve never sent to one it’s suggesting how do I figure out who it is?

Pay facebook without creditcard info

I tried to do a facebook ad and pay with paypal, but it (paypal pop up page) keeps prompting to add credit card info, which I refuse to do.The cost is $6 and credit on my pp account is $20. How can I pay?

Roombacare by New Community Member
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We are not processing domestic INR payments currently. However, you can continue to send and receive international payments for goods or services. - HOW TO RESOLVE THIS ERROR? I HAVE A BUSINESS ACCOUNT AND THE PARTY REQUESTING PAYMENT FROM ME HAS A B...

FXPLAYER96 by New Community Member
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How can you split charges between funding sources?

I have a bunch of gift cards that I added to PayPal, but if my transaction is more than the balance it just rolls the whole transaction to another source. As a result, I have a bunch of gift cards with partial balances that I can’t use. (I tossed the...

Jbenfield by New Community Member
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