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Can I transfer USD from our Australian based PayPal business account to a U.S. based business account and what would be the fee?Is there a difference if I transfer USD directly or pay an invoice from the U.S. business account?The Australian based non...

DavidM53 by New Community Member
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I'm a Filipino Freelancer. Client is from Canada

If someone from Canada is sending me money in CAD, would there be a fee on their end? I get a 5% on my end deducted right away. I want to know if there's a fee for the sender and how much.Also, is there a way to get the CAD converted higher in Peso?T...

gabbr777 by New Community Member
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Full payment not received due to hidden fee

I’d like to query as to why I made a personal payment, from South Africa, as per the seller’s quote and yet when the seller received the payment, instead of receiving the full amount of €1700 which I paid after my fees, she only received €1608 as €91...

PizzaL by Contributor
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Service charge of INDIA

I need to pay 44$ to Indian foreign job service agency,   but they send me a link for 52$, they says that its because of Service charge. its nearly 20% and is that be possible.and are there any method to send payment Through  letter of credit ? (To r...