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Tips: What they are and how to write one

PayPal Employee

Tips: What they are and how to write one

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Tips from Members board!  Here you'll find tips from other customers such as yourself. 


If you find a good tip from another member, be sure to give it a kudos!  Authors love to know that they've helped out, and it also lets the Community know it's a great tip.


See below for more on what this board is about, how it works, and how you can contribute your knowledge and expertise to the Community.


What exactly happens in this board?


The Tips from Members board is designed for Community members to create articles that they can then share in order to help others with issues that they may have.  Whether you're here to browse those articles or to provide one of your own, we're excited to have you here!  Posting a tip in this board is an excellent opportunity to earn kudos - and more Community Rank.  Level up!


Are the tips in this board written by employees of PayPal?


No.  Tips in this board are created exclusively by customers such as yourself and are not created by employees.  If you're interested in articles created by PayPal staff, check out the Tips from Moderators board.


What do you mean by a "tip?"


A tip is an article that is written to help other customers, such as yourself, with using PayPal services or products.  Examples would include: how to add or remove a credit card; how to sign up for an account; how to make a payment using the Send Money tab; and how to create a Buy Now button where the purchaser can enter their own price.  And yes, if someone wants to write a tip on any of those - please do! Smiley Happy


How can I benefit from writing a tip for the Community?


There are benefits to writing a tip beyond just the satisfaction of knowing you've helped someone out.  Smiley Happy


Your presence in the community will be felt as more and more members read your tips, and you'll collect Kudos points and compliments from other members.  This in turn can raise your Community Rank, and other members will begin to recognize you.  You might be considered an expert in your area of expertise.   


The moderation staff also reads through tips on a regular basis, and they may choose to feature exceptional tips or mark it as a solution.  Both of these increase your visibility in the Community, as your tip could show up on the Kudos Leaderboards, in the list of Recent Solutions, or it may even be shown to members searching the Community content via the Help Center on the main PayPal website.


I want to write a tip! How do I do it?


Just post a topic somewhere in the Help sections. Smiley Happy  Every community member - whether new to the Community or a seasoned member - can provide a tip.  After all, just because you're new here, doesn't mean you don't have years of using PayPal under your belt, right? 


We also encourage members to comment on tips, either to let the author know that the tip resolved their issue, or to help fine tune the tip.  Remember, they're a customer just like you, and they're here voluntarily.  Please be courteous and respectful!


What guidelines do my tips need to follow?


There are some guidelines that are helpful when writing a tip for the Community. 


First, make sure that your content belongs in this board.  Tips that are primarily feedback are best placed in the My Feedback for PayPal board.  Posts that are a better fit for those boards will be removed as unproductive.


Before you post your tip, make sure you have read and understand the Community Rules and Guidelines and the PayPal Community Help Forum Agreement.  The moderation team may also comment on or remove tips as well, either to correct inaccuracies, make suggestions, or as part of regular moderation activities.


I want to make the best tip ever!  Any suggestions?


Writing a successful tip is very similar to writing a successful question.  Many of the concepts in this post can apply, especially about the use of titles and providing specific information. 


We also recommend avoiding broad topics - narrow the focus to one particular process or issue.  This allows your tip to really target one particular area and will offer the greatest impact on your readers. 


I found a great Tip/or wrote a great tip, and want to see it featured here!


If you haven't already, just let a moderator know about the awesomeness you've encountered by using the "escalate this topic" option on the thread.  One of our helpful staff members will review the tip, and if it makes the cut, move it to this board! 


Please note, this feature is not for personalized assistance or to ask questions.  If you need help, please post a topic in one of the Help sections.  Smiley Happy


We look forward to seeing all of your tips!

Was my post helpful? If so, please give me a kudos!

Did my post solve the issue? If so, please accept it as a solution!
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