How to stop someone using my credit card on their PayPal account

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Someone has my credit card set up on their PayPal account, and is using it to buy stuff. I tried to cancel the card and replace it with a new number but today another transaction went out with that new card. The bank can't do anything expect keep changing the card, does anyone have any advice on how to stop this card being used?

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It’s weird that it follows this particular card. You may have some kind of security leak. Sweep devices for viruses/keyloggers. May be even back up your files, wipe device and reset to factor settings. Change your PayPal password. Set up 2FA or some other current security authenticator. Get another card issued.

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Hello @niknak12,

Welcome to PayPal Community Forum and thank you for posting here! Thanks for the details, @sharpiemarker.

I am sorry to know about the unauthorized charges on your card and I know this must be concerning. When a transaction shows on your bank or card statement but not in your PayPal account that is an indication that someone has obtained your financial information and used it without permission. Since you mentioned another charge on the new card, it is possible that this could be a recurring transaction on the previously closed credit card. Though you have got a new replacement card sometimes the card details will remain the same such as card number, name, etc, and automatic payment would continue. In this situation, please reach out to your financial institution and check for the unauthorized recurring charge, cancel/stop it, and report the charge on the new card again. Reporting the transaction and having them close the affected account is essential and the financial institution will investigate and is responsible for refunding the unauthorized payment.

I hope this information helps,

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