Sent money to the wrong person - Won't give it back


I accidentally sent money to the wrong person and he won't give it back.

I've made numerous attempts to contact him, to no avail.


I filed a Pay Pal claim, but they won't help me get the money back.

I spoke to someone on the phone yesterday, 10/13 and they were going to freeze his account and try to contact him about it.

His account is still open.


Has this happened to anyone else?

Thanks for any help


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A heads up that Buyer protection doesn’t apply to personal payments so always double check the recipient information before finalizing payment. Once sent, personal payments are rather difficult if not impossible to get back due to the ‘personal’ nature of the payment. It’s up to the recipient’s better nature to willingly issue a refund or give PayPal the ok to reverse transaction. It would not be good for PayPal to just return money on only the sender’s say so.


And scammers have been known to abuse this method to scam the unsuspecting, extracting funds from stolen accounts/financials, then get recipient to resend money as a refund, at times to a different PayPal account, instead of refunding from original transaction if they didn’t know better, then receive a dispute or chargeback so it is understandable to get no response.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂
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