Keep getting charged, and it's paypals mistake

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I made a pwrsonal delivery. The customer claimed she was t satisfied. So the refunded the payment. I was paid 375 refunded 375. Then i proved my case and successfully won. They accidentslly said she won and refunded her 375 again. Never received any of thst money back. Not to mention my acct was held up multiple xs for nonekf my wrong doing. Then finally i get a payment of $242 so i use 112 and again imocked out of my account. Still csnt use the 130 still doen money for a product i was the seller and i also proved my case beyond any reasonsbke doubt. Im super angry and want reimbursements as well as apologies or compensation for lost time aggravstion embarrassment etc. How i am clearly the winner if a case and delivered a product eyond a doubt yet im the won who is somehow down all types kf money. I dont undsrstand it. Has thisbhsplens to anyone else before.
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Paypal seller protection does not cover items personally collected or delivered.

So you would not be covered if the buyer did a chargeback or filed a dispute for unauthorised transaction and won.

However they normally would not win a dispute for non receipt or not as described again if it was personally delivered or collected.

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