Can't upload pic for identity check

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Hi Everyone, 


I have a problem with confirming my ID on my account: basically it's like the window that opens up showing you the option to drop and upload a picture, is broken. I can't scroll down, if I drag a picture and drop it, nothing happens and same goes for when I click on options: "select document type" and "upload". It's like the option doesn't have an action but is simply written because whatever I click nothing happens. It stays as the picture I posted: you can see the background where I scrolled till the bottom of the page but nothing happened to the window of the id upload. 

it appears like this, and even when zooming less the window is stuck like this. Also on my phone

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Hey @jess_xe


Thank you for asking your question in our Community. 

I am sorry to hear that the link for uploading documents is not working for you. I would advise calling us so we can give you an alternative link in which you can upload documents. When you provide information through another link we need to manually escalate the document. So we cannot provide any links here, sorry. 


You can contact us through the 'Help & contact' link at the bottom of each page or through Twitter and Facebook



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Experiencing the same issue right now. Can I contact PayPal by e-mail? Generally I cannot phone customer care during office hours.

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Hello, @atticaudio!


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Community! 


I'm sorry to hear you are having difficulties uploading your document. Unfortunately, it won't be possible to resolve it via email, since the mailbox is not monitored. The best to do in this case is to give our Customer Care a call. If you cannot call us, you can contact us through the Chat option on our website or reach out to us through Twitter or Facebook


I hope this information helps. 



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