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PayPal REST /payments API


PayPal REST /payments API

What does this mean?


Important: The use of the PayPal REST /payments APIs to accept credit card payments is restricted. 


It is not clear. What does restricted mean exactly. Restricted from who? No longer available to new merchants? i have to re-write a bunch of custom code using braintree? We already have a PayPal account using PayPal HERE. Why another service?


Re: PayPal REST /payments API

Hi @KevinTParker

REST direct card payments are available only to customers located within the United Kingdom who have a payments pro account.

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Re: PayPal REST /payments API

I am not sure what PayPal is doing here. I see that they are pushing Payflow Pro or Braintree. Neither option seems to be viable given how easy the Rest API was to implement. 


Braintree wants their own UI or Drop In. Why can everything be server side? and Payflow Pro want to conver my PayPal account over to I need to keep using that account for PayPal HERE.


What are my options?!