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Reauthorize authorization id does not work correctly (expected)

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Was trying to work in the "reauthorize a prior authorization" system so we could extend an authorization for orders that take longer than 27 days to process. As per the docs, it is allowed to reauthorize an authorization multiple times to extend the expire so long as you wait 4 days before attempting a re-authorize.


However that is not the case. The REST API actually makes a mess of things.


For an original authorization, it returns the `expiration_time`, other info, and the url of:{authorization_id}/reauthorize


After 3 days (which you must wait to use the reauthorize url), hitting the reauthorize url causes it to create a whole new authorization, but results in the exact same `expiration_time`. Making it completely useless, only to cause a mess with now having multiple authorization IDs... AND the buyer seeing multiple authorizations for the exact same order:

Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 8.59.00 AM.png


Is there really no way to extend an authorization for orders that will take longer? For example, a pre-order of something to release three months later? Or back-orders which had an unforeseen pandemic delay or the like?

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