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PayPal recurring payments doesn't show balance option

Hi, We've developed a subscription system and integrated PayPal's subscription function in it. When customers try to get a subscription they're only given the option to pay by bank or creditcard. I asked two people to test this out. Both persons have...

Instrument declined error - Environment: LIVE

Hi, I have integrated the paypal api with php sdk on my website. It works on sandbox but when I switch the live environment, i got the following error: "message": "The instrument presented  was either declined by the processor or bank, or it can't be...

mcpraps by Contributor
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Subscription end date

Hi,I'm setting up subscription plan on my website.When using fixed number of billing cycles the status of the subscription pass to 'EXPIRED' on the date the last payment is made. In my case, we have a default number of cycles set to 1, so the payment...

"User authentication failed" issue

Hi,  I am getting "User authentication failed" issue occasionally. i am using .net  PayPalFlow SDK. i am trying to do payment again and again with different PONum, INVNum,CustRef and same amount. It's working sometimes, sometimes returning the "User ...

Massuat by Contributor
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PayPal Developer Meetup in San Jose on June 7th

We wanted to send you a friendly reminder about PayPal’s upcoming developer meetup, happening in person and in San Jose, CA, on June 7th at 6 PM PST. This event promises to be an evening filled with engaging technical discussions, inspiring demos, an...

not_here by Moderator
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