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Multiple  partial captures during a single authorization

 I need to do multiple  partial captures during a single authorization period. To do this documentation says I need to enable this feature on your PayPal account. Does anyone know where this option is and how to do it ? thanks

RR007 by Contributor
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Get all available scopes

So I'm trying to [fetch invoices][1] on behalf of a customer who has logged in with [Paypal Oauth2][2].When I try with curl with a valid tokencurl -v -X GET\?total_required\=true \ -H 'Authorization: Bea...

"User authentication failed" issue

Hi,  I am getting "User authentication failed" issue occasionally. i am using .net  PayPalFlow SDK. i am trying to do payment again and again with different PONum, INVNum,CustRef and same amount. It's working sometimes, sometimes returning the "User ...

Massuat by Contributor
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REST api sandbox PAYEE_ACCOUNT_INVALID error with debug ids

Status: This used to work (a couple of years ago) but does not anymore. Environment: sandboxApi Call: POST v1/payments/paymentIntent: saledebug_id: 9d323d2011a6d and 5534b4a545306merchant_id: SMYF585LXGEXS (this is the sandbox merchant id) Problem:Tr...

oamobile by Contributor
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Pay by card

Hi! I have an issue in the "Live" mode with the possibility of clients to pay by card without login to their PayPal account.I'm using PayPal REST API. The setting "PayPal Account Optional" is set as "On" in the Business account. Could you help to sol...

Resolved! Does paypal support plans one time payment?

PayPal allows creating plans with recurring amounts and billing cycles. Is there any way to create the prices or plans for one time to provide life time deal (pay once and use forever)

tbhaxor1 by Contributor
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