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Cancel a paypal credit for item i no longer want

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Hi everyone, im new here and need some advice please. I recently set up paypal credit to buy an item online but i cancelled the transaction because i didnt need it after all. Does anyone know if i am able to cancel paypal credit? I received an email from PayPal to pay £5.99 but i no longer have the item in question. Its a little confusing. Does it mean that because i set up the credit in the first place that i have to pay it all off??  Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you all


Cancel a paypal credit for item i no longer want


Hi @davidfoskett87,


Welcome to the PayPal Community and thank you for your post!


I do understand your concern with this. When you make a transaction using PayPal, you won't have the option to cancel it yourself. This must be done by the merchant. 


If the transaction shows as Completed in your PayPal Activity page, this would mean the merchant has received your payment and not canceled your order. In this case, I suggest you contact the merchant directly to request a refund. As they have received your payment, they will have the option to refund you. 


Once the refund is processed, you will no longer owe the amount on your PayPal Credit account. 


I hope this helps!

- Rachel 

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