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Can PayPal create a differentiation for payment - donation or a purchase (product or service)?

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PayPal need to comply with the local laws from the PayPal subscribers. And in Singapore, there is law to prevent Singapore citizen to make donation to foreign charities.

Some of these foreign charities are sports organizations (which is the same in Singapore where National Sports Associations are also registered charities).

These foreign charities/sports organizations also provide chargeable services (e.g. training courses). PayPal has put a block (likely to base on the status of the organization as a foreign charity and the subscriber's country) and reject any payment to these organizations.

It is requested that PayPal to review the process and to create a differentiation between a donation and outright purchase, perhaps at the checkout stage, so that the subscribe can continue to make purchases with these organizations.

Alternately, PayPal could also create a separate workflow where the subscriber declare that the payment made to the organization is not a donation but a purchase.

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