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No Access to PayPal Manager?

I have been with PayPal almost 20 years and never had a problem until about a couple of years ago when everything seemed to change and since then, my shop has never worked consistently, I just just get the occasional order where someone got lucky.I r... is not working is not working, following error message is displayed: The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address...

mano-d by New Community Member
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Since about 10 PM EDT on July 1, I know of multiple businesses (including our own) using PayPal hosted pages that are unable to accept any payments from customers.  The link gives a dead page.  Some orders are coming i...

Binartem by New Community Member
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Error trying to process pay in WHMCS using PayFlow Pro

I'm getting an error trying to process a payment in WHMCS using PayFlow Pro. Any help will be appreciated. Below are the error details:   Invoice ID => ****User ID => **Amount => ***RESULT => 5PNREF => BK0P9B2174CARESPMSG => Invalid merchant informat...

Help! Why am I getting RESPMSG=Generic processor error?

I am maintaining a legacy Perl/CGI application that has been working for years.  I added a new feature and I am getting "RESPMSG=Generic processor error"  in the response from PayPal.  The Request is below.  I redacted all the sensitive bits but I as...

DorianW by Contributor
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Issue with downloading payment page static assets in Russia

We are developing an online store using PayPal ButtonManager API v4.0.0 ( for payments. Payment flow:1) Customer clicks «Create order» button 2) Customer browser sends a request t...

Failing to withdraw from my Scribie

Hello. I am failing to withdraw from my Scribie account. It's saying I had not submitted my tax information to PayPal. I don't get it, cause my bank account is verified as it is. HELP ME

Yebone by Contributor
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