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Prepay cards issuing

Does PayPal any service similar to Stripe Issuing, so i can provide a debit/credit card to my employees to make purchase and can be loaded through an API or web-hook?

Error trying to process pay in WHMCS using PayFlow Pro

I'm getting an error trying to process a payment in WHMCS using PayFlow Pro. Any help will be appreciated. Below are the error details:   Invoice ID => ****User ID => **Amount => ***RESULT => 5PNREF => BK0P9B2174CARESPMSG => Invalid merchant informat...

Help 10 euro?

Hi,I have read this news but why 10 euros?I use the account only to receive from sales. If I don't se...

change company logo in checkout window

Hi,   sorry if this is not the right board to post this question, but I have no more idea where I can get help. I already mailed my contact person, called the support, have read lots of manuals, searched the web and unsuccessfully tried to login with...

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Issue with downloading payment page static assets in Russia

We are developing an online store using PayPal ButtonManager API v4.0.0 ( for payments. Payment flow:1) Customer clicks «Create order» button 2) Customer browser sends a request t...

Rate_Limit_Reached error when manually sending IPN's.

Since the first week of July, 2021, I've been getting an error message stating: "rate_limit-reached" and a debug id. I have opened a tech support case, and heard almost nothing back. I see other users with the same issue. Has anyone had any success i...