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Prepay cards issuing

Does PayPal any service similar to Stripe Issuing, so i can provide a debit/credit card to my employees to make purchase and can be loaded through an API or web-hook?

PayPal Payflow Pro

Greetings, I could not integrate paypal payflow pro, I could not find api information, I need to integrate it urgently for shopify, but

metyesf by New Community Member
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payflow pro 3ds integration

Hi y'all.I came here because I'm working on an integration with Paypal Payflow pro.I'm not sure what steps I must follow to get through 3ds2/psd2.I found several pages that indicate that I have to use a MPI such as CardinalCommerce. Is this right?I'm...

How to find.

I have several payments pending that I have accepted in paypal proflow but they're still pending in PayPal.  I was told to do this.Click "Capture" under the Order status/Actions column.   But I can't see any buttons with Capture or Order status/actio...

Venmo is not working stable

Hello,We are Jotform and integrated with PayPal Commerce. We are also one of the partners of the PayPal.Venmo as an alternative gateway is not working as expected.Venmo button should be displayed consistently. It's displayed for one page visit and it...

JotForm by Contributor
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Error trying to process pay in WHMCS using PayFlow Pro

I'm getting an error trying to process a payment in WHMCS using PayFlow Pro. Any help will be appreciated. Below are the error details:   Invoice ID => ****User ID => **Amount => ***RESULT => 5PNREF => BK0P9B2174CARESPMSG => Invalid merchant informat...

Help! Why am I getting RESPMSG=Generic processor error?

I am maintaining a legacy Perl/CGI application that has been working for years.  I added a new feature and I am getting "RESPMSG=Generic processor error"  in the response from PayPal.  The Request is below.  I redacted all the sensitive bits but I as...

DorianW by Contributor
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paypal pilot transaction keep failing

We are running some tests with our payflow. When use, it works fine. When use, keep getting error 'Transaction failed: Fail to obtain approval for the online transaction' It used to just work, with sw...

gsupport by Contributor
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Paypal Checkout

I want to use Paypal Payflow pro in my Shopify Store, but in my location Not Support That Payment method in other side my audience target in US UK Can Aus N NZ. Can you give me suggestion. Thanks 

Yahyaadi99 by New Community Member
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