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Change Redirect URL in Case of Payment Cancellation

Hey there,I use the Paypal Payment solution in my Woocommerce Webshop. By now, in case a customer wants to pay via Paypal, he gets redirected from the checkout page to the paypal page so that he can do his payment. So far so good. However, when the c...

JayD92 by Contributor
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Prepay cards issuing

Does PayPal any service similar to Stripe Issuing, so i can provide a debit/credit card to my employees to make purchase and can be loaded through an API or web-hook?

No Access to PayPal Manager?

I have been with PayPal almost 20 years and never had a problem until about a couple of years ago when everything seemed to change and since then, my shop has never worked consistently, I just just get the occasional order where someone got lucky.I r...

Venmo is not working stable

Hello,We are Jotform and integrated with PayPal Commerce. We are also one of the partners of the PayPal.Venmo as an alternative gateway is not working as expected.Venmo button should be displayed consistently. It's displayed for one page visit and it...

JotForm by Contributor
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Email inconsistency

Why is it that my PayPal email shows inconsistency if l request for payments?

Oliva2 by Contributor
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Error trying to process pay in WHMCS using PayFlow Pro

I'm getting an error trying to process a payment in WHMCS using PayFlow Pro. Any help will be appreciated. Below are the error details:   Invoice ID => ****User ID => **Amount => ***RESULT => 5PNREF => BK0P9B2174CARESPMSG => Invalid merchant informat...

Payment flow

I have clients with inquiry to use PayPal payment flow to send money inmediatly to supplier when they receive. Do you know the documentation to do that?

Issue with downloading payment page static assets in Russia

We are developing an online store using PayPal ButtonManager API v4.0.0 ( for payments. Payment flow:1) Customer clicks «Create order» button 2) Customer browser sends a request t...