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PayPal sending me another individuals correspondence and doing nothing to remedy it


PayPal sending me another individuals correspondence and doing nothing to remedy it


I have a bit of a situation with PayPal who will not remedy the matter.


Another user, whom I don't know nor never met, accidentally registered an account using my domain. The user and I share very similar first and last names so it is understandable that a clerical error was made.

I have been receiving their PayPal emails for years now. I do not want to keep receiving these emails.

I have written to PayPal, on more than one occasion, informing them that the aforementioned user is not receiving their emails as they are being sent to my domain. PayPal is knowingly sending me another individual’s private financial information and their lack of action to remedy the matter is not only negligence but also very unethical.

I cannot simply block emails from PayPal as I also receive correspondence from PayPal on my own personal account. Furthermore, simply blocking the aforementioned individual’s emails is not remedying the matter and is further prejudicial to the individual who owns this PayPal account.


I cannot comprehend how PayPal's security department allows this to continue. If I wished to act maliciously, which I do not, I could very simply gain access to this individuals PayPal account, banking information and personal details. I have the correspondence from PayPal to show that I have informed them multiple times that this user's emails are being sent to the wrong email account so they cannot even reasonably claim that they were unaware of the matter.


This whole ordeal has been shocking and I'm disgusted with PayPal, a financial services provider, and their negligence by knowingly sending an individuals information and correspondence to a completely unrelated individual, with this correspondence containing hyperlinks for me to gain access to the individuals PayPal account (Password reset).


Does anyone know how I can proceed with having this matter resolved? It will not take much effort from PayPal to get in contact with the individual as they are able to use the user's other registration details where they can then obtain the correct email address.


Thank you for your time,


Esteemed Advisor

Re: PayPal sending me another individuals correspondence and doing nothing to remedy it



Get a new email address. Use another email service for example, if you use gmail, use yahoo instead. Have you actually called and spoken to a customer service agent about this? The best PayPal can do is notify the other user to change it, can't force them.


I don't understand how two people can even have the same email address at any domain to be honest. If the email address is taken you'd think the email site will tell you it is already taken and to choose another, it's ridiculous.


Please contact customer service for assistance:

Click HELP on top menu, scroll down to click CONTACT US, and then scroll down to click CALL US.

Say "Live Agent" to the automated recording.


Or private message via social media:


Twitter: @AskPayPal

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂

Re: PayPal sending me another individuals correspondence and doing nothing to remedy it

Hi Sharpiemaker,


It appears that there is a misunderstanding.


It is not the same email address but the same domain. I own a domain as well a server. I unfortunately cannot explain this using domain names as PayPal prevents me from using domain names on the forums.


I have martin@domain. This individual has signed up with marga@domain but does not have access to this email address nor does it exist. Because the email address does not exist, it gets routed to my catch-all alias, being martin@domain. The individual should not even have been able to sign up with my domain name in the first place and I do not understand how PayPal would have been able to process this without a verification email sent from my domain name, which I most certainly did not do.


I am the only individual who makes use of my domain as it is my personal name. No one else has access to my domain and server.


I cannot sign up for another email service. This is my domain and server that I have had for over a decade, and with all due respect, it is not a suggestion that can be taken seriously.


PayPal has been informed that the individual in question does not have any relation to me or my domain whatsoever, nor do they have any email addresses associated with my domain name.


PayPal continuing to send emails to my server, without my consent, is harassment and against legislation. Furthermore, PayPal has been informed that they are sending another individuals correspondence to third parties who have no association with the individual whatsoever. PayPal is, beyond all reasonable doubt, knowingly and willingly sending an individual's personal financial information to another individual who has no relation to this person whatsoever.


Let me throw this question out there, not specifically at you: Are you comfortable with your bank sending your correspondence to an unrelated third-party, giving them the option to reset passwords and such? No, you most certainly would not be and such a bank would be bankrupt due to lawsuits. As noted in my letter to PayPal sent this morning, I will be addressing the matter with legal counsel within 5 days if the matter is not rectified by then. I feel sorry for poor Marga who doesn't even know this is taking place, which did not have to be the case as PayPal had ample opportunity to inform her of what is transpiring. I cannot believe I am fighting with a financial services provider in having their records reflect the correct address for their recipient, so absurd.


Re: PayPal sending me another individuals correspondence and doing nothing to remedy it

I am now writing to multiple authorities regarding the matter such as Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF).