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Help with a buyer

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Help with a buyer

I have sold and item of clothing , but didn’t receive the agreed amount from the person buying it. I didn’t realise and withdrew the money to my account so I could have the money for postage. When I realised I sent the money back to the person and now she is saying I haven’t sent her enough back , she’s threatening to open a case on me. Any help?
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Re: Help with a buyer



Sorry what do you mean you didn't receive the agreed amount?

You did take into account that your paypal fee is deducted from your buyers payment before the remainder is credited to your paypal account balance didn't you?

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Re: Help with a buyer

How did you sell the item ??


Did you send an invoice or did you provide the buyer with your email address ?

If you provided the buyer with your email address, did the buyer use the Send Money feature for "Friends and Family" or "Goods and Services"?

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