WooCommerce Authorization failed due to insufficient permissions- tracking number to PayPal


Dear support,

I use  Wordpress and WooCommerce for my shopping cart, Yesterday, when I try to update  tracking number to PayPal it show up an error - Authorization failed due to insufficient permissions. I cannot update the tracking number to PayPal


Under Wordpress
-->Edit tracking
-->Add tracking number to PayPal.

Popup error
Authorization failed due to insufficient permissions.

I test the PayPal API Credentials Connection and it said Successfully!

Pls help to check and fix thie problem As soon as possible.



Thanks & regards,


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PayPal Employee
PayPal Employee

Hi @dreamlove1000 


Hmm, that sounds like the WooCommerce plugin you're trying to use is relying on an "account permissions" link instead of your API credentials for an action like updating tracking. I might reach out to them (the maker of the plugin) to see if they can walk you through giving them more permissions to update your tracking information. The bummer is, the makers of that plugin have to generate and provide the link to add more permissions as PayPal can't do that for them or you. 


I hope that helps!


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