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I got dispute, Please Help Me.


I got dispute, Please Help Me.



Myself Jorden, and I'm working as a PR consultant. A few days ago I made a deal for a press release on some publications and unfortunately I wasn't able to complete it. the order was partially completed. Due to covid-19, our government imposed lockdown we closed our office too, I and my team are suffering for covid-19 and also have a dispute in my PayPal.


And tried to settle down the case by offering them a partial refund buy the second party didn't approve I think and the case was closed in the buyer's favor, I'm not able to go office and do the work until we get totally recovered from covid-19.


Can anyone please help me, I'm also offering a 75% refund to the buyer.


I'm currently in minus balance, is it any deadline for repaying the payment in @PayPal, or have to do it immediately.

And at what PayPal will do now because the case closed in buyers' favor.

And how do I talk with PayPal?