Disputed Case about Receiving Money?


My friend sent me money via Paypal and asked me to send her that money via Zelle. After I transferred that money to my bank acc, I also send the same amount via her Zelle. A couple of days later, I received a disputed case that stated she didn't approve that transaction. It took a couple of weeks for Paypal to solve that case, but I already provide the evidence that I sent her money back via Zelle and explained the reason. Unfortunately, they finally put a debit on my Paypal acc. I already paid off that amount and she said she is waiting for Paypal to refund her money, then she can pay me back. She also said she didn't open the case, just something wrong with her Paypal account, and it was opened automatically. It's already one and a half months since the case was closed, and she still told me that she hasn't received any refund yet. I don’t know whether this is a form of scam or I just think too much. That is not the first time this happened. But the first time, Paypal didn’t charge me anything and the amount is small, but this time it’s a big money to me. Please help me to clarify. Thank you in advance.

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