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Worried about being scammed can someone help me

Hi i requested a payment to someone because i am seling an item to them and they have sent me an email which is as followed: "I will need a confirmation from PayPal to proceed with the payment before sending payment out to your account so all you hav...

AA100 by New Community Member
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I believe I’m being scammed ?

I wanted to ask everyone about being scammed, I believe I’m being scammed. I’m not sure but I did a Facebook purchase I sold a phone and shipped it out to the buyer. Immediately after I received an email from PayPal asking to upload the shipping rece...

payment stuck on invoice ?

hello guys i've been sent a payment and i got it as an invoice and i got the notification from paypal on my gmail when i click on the invoice i find the payment but it does not load in my credits wallet and it shows this "This is a PayPal Gift. The a...

wwdreda by Contributor
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Disputed Case about Receiving Money?

My friend sent me money via Paypal and asked me to send her that money via Zelle. After I transferred that money to my bank acc, I also send the same amount via her Zelle. A couple of days later, I received a disputed case that stated she didn't appr...

PnhdSh by Contributor
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