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Sufficient Evidence for Virtual Goods Sale Dispute?

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I understand that virtual goods are not eligible for seller protection, and my question does not pertain to that. 


I made several transactions with a buyer for virtual goods, the entire time we were in chat together (Discord). I have our entire conversation logged. I expressed my concern for charge backs, we did several trades, after each one he/she sent a payment to my paypal and CONFIRMED WITH SCREENSHOTS from their paypal of the payment being sent. Throughout the chat they are confirming how much they have received and sent, etc. On the very last amount, I provided the virtual good to them and they confirmed in chat that they had received and not yet paid for it. They began making excuses about paypal limiting how much they could send, how they were going to pay the next day, and then abruptly blocked me on Discord. The next day the transactions were disputed. 


I provided the chat history as evidence and within less than 24 hours Paypal had already ruled the dispute in the buyer's favor and refunded the money. 


My question is what amount of evidence is sufficient in this scenario to not get blatantly scammed as a seller? Any? This person sent screenshot after screenshot confirming their payment and confirming they had received the virtual goods. And they just turn around and say they didn't make the charges and it all goes away? They don't even have their story straight, in one dispute (cause there were several transactions to dispute) they said they overpaid. Another says they were charged too many times (I wasn't even charging them, they sent the money). Another says that they paid for the goods through another method. 


The evidence is so heavily against the buyer in this scenario, yet somehow Paypal can close the dispute in less than 24 hours without further questions? At what point can I pursue this legally outside of paypal's resolution center?

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