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seller protection

i sold item in game i have screenshots discord talks that we talked about selling item , i really dont know  much about paypal so he sent me money but now i found i got charged for that money after 6 month please guys help mei think he just tried to ...

Refund transactions returns not found

Recently I tried to refund some fraudulent purchases in the website I work on, so I get the paypal transaction ids we stored in our database, and ran a script to refund them all, but many of them returned as not found, apparently, they doesn't exist,...

Paypal Invoice Overdue

Hi, good day!I've recieved an invoice which that expires within the day and now it stated overdue becuase I didn't pay the invoice. My question is, can I not pay the invoice sent from me or does it automatically charge me after I put money on my payp...

Keith115 by Contributor
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Hacker dispute

A previous buyer of mine got their paypal account hacked and this hacker is filing disputes to a lot of transactions including the one that was made to me. I now have a negative balance from a chargeback of a transactions thats COMPLETED. The buyer h...

sellmons_ by New Community Member
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Paypal siding with Blackmailer

Hi there, So I make and sell custom tattoos with a strict no return policy, but im willing to make any changes within 60 days. I normally never use Paypal for business, as most of my business is in person. I had a client order quite a bit from me and...

Silivina by New Community Member
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PayPal sided with scammer

Person filed for fraud about these tickets I was selling. I changed the shipping info on the site and they were shipped to the person. Never in my hands. They said they were fake which they weren’t bc I saw them there. And I had my own tickets and th...

rzha by New Community Member
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#refunds #opendispute #refundtwice

Long story short I sold an item on depop which I get paid through PayPal, I ended up not being able to find the item in my inventory after a few days of looking I went ahead and refunded the buyer as I don’t like to wait to many days to avoid any dis...