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fraud what i can do?

months ago my (friend) i tought we were friend now he blocked me from all social platforms he sent me money via paypal i have screens that we talked about it  i bought some things for him and now i figured that he texted paypal that he didnt sent th...

Resolved! What happens if a buyer fraudulently and unfairly opens a claim against you from a depop sale?

Hi All, A buyer has just opened a claim against me from a shoe sale on depop. The item is brand new and authentic and I have images to show this. I clearly state on my depop no returns so I believe the shows do not fit her and she's using unfair excu...

Disputed Claim- Business Account

I am a Twitch streamer, and one of my viewers is disputing their donations to me.This is the first time this has ever happened to me. It’s for over $3,500 worth of donations over approx 20 transactions. My PayPal account is a Business Account.If I re...

Disputed Case about Receiving Money?

My friend sent me money via Paypal and asked me to send her that money via Zelle. After I transferred that money to my bank acc, I also send the same amount via her Zelle. A couple of days later, I received a disputed case that stated she didn't appr...

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