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Unauthorized transaction from the sender.

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Someone sent me 50€ via paypal . I spent them , and today he refunded via "unauthorized transaction" but the emails match everywhere i know this guy. Its him but he used a VPN or something and got an insta refund. Now I have to add 50€ to my balance. This app is **bleep**.


Unauthorized transaction from the sender.


Hello there @Staniol,


Thank you for posting here on the PayPal Community Forums. We know how frustrating it can be have a dispute not found in your favor, but a case can be appealed within 10 days of the decision. In doing so, you can provide new information, and have it reviewed again. This Help Center article can help you through the appeal process: How can I appeal PayPal’s decision on my case?


I hope this information helps you get to the resolution you're looking for.

- Dani
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