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Seller's rights, Paypal washes their hands

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Hello everyone,
I am a well respected cryptocurrency seller & have built a strong reputation in doing so.
A few scammers this week have targeted me and left me to pick up the bill in PayPal's failures and non existent sellers rights.
Chargeback scams happen and there are checks & balances in most banking institutions.
I have all proof needed of every transaction I was hit with and intent to buy it was not an unauthorised transaction. 
For intangible or digital goods:
  • You must provide compelling evidence that the intangible item or digital good was delivered or provided as described, or that the service was completed as described. Compelling evidence can include any evidence available to prove that your buyer received the goods or services or benefited from the transaction. 

Please let me know community as PayPal have essentially washed their hands and this was their response:


I have read the previous conversation and I appreciate the information. I completely understand how a situation like this can be incredibly frustrating. We’ve confirmed the transaction was unauthorized and have refunded £119.00 GBP to the buyer. This amount will be debited from your PayPal account. During our review, we found the transaction was not covered under PayPal Seller Protection. We appreciate your business. It was my pleasure to help you.


Feel free to reply whenever you're ready. When you reply, one of our available agents or myself will continue to help you.
If anyone wants to collaborate against PayPal and are in the same situation let me know and we can take it from there, I have spoken to other self-employed or freelancers which have had a similar experience and have had a refund from PayPal and the money for their work.
No doubt this message will be censored as big tech silicon valley are cowards and marxists.
Hit me up.

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