How to I swap/or downgrade my business PayPal account over to a personal PayPal account?



I have had a PayPal account for many years. Some years back, I used my PayPal account for business, and upgraded my personal PayPal account to a business PayPal account. However, I have not used PayPal for business for quite some time now, and do not even own a business anymore. However, I still want to use my account for personal money transfers from friends. But PayPal charges me a percentage when people send me money for Purchase Protection. How do I do I downgrade my account to a personal account.
I do not want to close my account, I just want my current PayPal account to be downgraded (don't know if that is the right term)

I tried following these steps , but when I click close account, It says my account cannot be closed (maybe because I have money in my account still.) Also, I do not want to close my account 

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There is no automatic way to downgrade a business account to a personal account, you have to contact customer services and they will do that for you.

Or you could just close your business account (removing all subscriptions / financial info etc first) and open a personal one.

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