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Where to file a formal complaint against Paypal?

Paypal banned my account without informing me of any reason. My account has been a part of the PayPal community for over ten years, demonstrating a long-standing relationship based on trust and reliability. Throughout this period, both my wife and I ...

Frank2024 by New Community Member
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Can't contact Customer Support

Hello all, So my situation, I wanted to add my IBAN to link my bank, but some holy way someone or some account or something else has my IBAN, I get the error of that it is already on an account. So I tried to contact the support here, but apparently ...

We couldnt verifiy your identity at login screen

Dear all,I am really angry. Some days ago I created a new paypal business account. All went fine, I could insert my company mail address and our bank information where I received the code to verify the bank account with a 1 cent money transfer only o...

Spaxs by Contributor
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have reached my paypal limit I did not do any mistake please check or due to some server problem my account has reached limit help me to get my account back thanks