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Deleting or correcting payee email address

It turns out that one of the payees in my account is listed with an incorrect email address.  Paypal doesn't seem to provide a way of correcting it.I need suggestions on how to do this.  Thanks.

FT1234 by New Community Member
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Resolved! Phone number changed - can't log in

My mobile number changed a few years ago but I never updated my profile.  Now I can't log in as Paypal wants to send me a text on the old number to verify the account. I've tried logging in from a different browser which doesn't work. Also tried usin...

SaintDH by Contributor
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I am having trouble login into my account

Hi PayPal! I created my account on Feb 15 and I automatically update everything needed on the account thereafter a short while I try to login back to my account to link my bank I couldn’t login and the response I got was “we are having trouble making...

Email issues

Hi, I've recently created a sandbox account that needs the email address linked to the account confirmed however when attempting to confirm the address no confirmation email is sent. I've re-requested an email to be sent on countless occasions and ha...

Account change of address

I’m trying to delete an address in my profile after adding my new primary address. However when I try to delete the old address I’m asked to go to my Wallet and delete the old address associated with cards in my wallet. I have however already re adde...

Eurotoo by New Community Member
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