PayPal savings account ineligible, could not confirm the identity - tons of issues

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I have a PayPal credit account and wanted to open a PayPal savings account. Even though both institutions are served by the same bank, it was unable to confirm my identity. PayPal/ Synchrony did not like my current address. They asked me to send the id, however, the driver's license had my old address.


I sent the valid driver's license with the old address, which was on my PayPal account (just not Primary). I have utility bills and bank statements with my new address - also the PayPal credit had my new address, yet my application was denied. I also found the following thread, which mentions that the old address should not be a problem.


To avoid this mistake I asked my wife to open a PayPal savings account and she did that without an issue, using her old address (set as primary on her PayPal account). However, her account is currently under review and I'm not sure if it would be successful, as she was asked to send her id (with an old address - PayPal primary) and a bank statement (with a new address - added to PayPal, not primary though).


All I wanted to do was to open a savings account and transfer money there. There were tons of verification mechanisms, yet PayPal is making it so painful.


Is it possible to let me re-apply for a savings account? I was told, that once it is denied, it is denied forever...

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People must keep account info must be kept up to date, and accurate to their documents. No excuse. Software are doing more and more of the decision making and are looking for accuracy or it’ll have a melt down, causing problems/delays, and forced to flag/reject you. PayPal don’t have the option to do business in person. They don’t know you from Bob or Harry.

Correct your DLs according to your state’s rules, update your billing/primary address in PayPal and try again that is if the option is still appearing in the Finances page for youse.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂
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