How to change my name in donation link in PayPal to the name of my project?

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Hello! My name is Ilona, I'm Ukrainian and I created a donation button for my charity project in Ukraine to help the women of Ukraine who suffered from the war. The project is called "Ukrainian Madonna". 

Now, when the donor clicks on the link, he sees my name and the text "Donate to Ilona <Removed>". But I want not my name to be written there, but the name of my project. I would like to see the text "Donate to the Ukrainian Madonna" there. Tell me, please, is this possible? I'm very sorry, but I haven't been able to figure out how to do this.

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Ukraine accounts can only receive friends and family payments P2P.


They have not expanded services to receive commercial transactions so you might not be able to accept these payments like this person anyway:


It’s also not possible to edit the display name. You can add the name of the program or project though on a later step of the button maker.

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