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Unresolved Dispute!


Re: Unresolved Dispute!

hi not really the last contact i has with paypal said to get it sorted i have to give back the money my bank claimed back and let payapl pay my bogus seller and that would leave me out of pocket but acording to the operator i spoke to that would keep paypal happpy and give me back my account

how can this be justified


why cant payapl claim the money back from the seller and just let me have my account back ?

i was told to make my bank aware of the situation and so i did and they stopped the payment and noe i ahve been told its my fault for getting my bank involved which is what iwas told to do in the first place

so my worry is now how far will paypal go to get the moey from me if they are convinced i still owe it to them ??????



Re: Unresolved Dispute!

Hi malenurse911,


PayPal would instruct a person to contact their bank if they tell us that their bank account information has been compromised. If it's a matter of a payment that is authorized that the buyer is disputing because of non-receipt or because it's not as described, stopping payment on the transaction with your bank will preempt the dispute process.


When eBay pulls an auction, they do advise their buyers to contact PayPal if a payment has been submitted. This allows PayPal to help you select the best solution - stopping a payment at the bank can cause other problems on an account, so we'd prefer to resolve it via the claims process first. If no phone has been shipped to you, and the seller cannot prove that, your negative balance is potentially only temporary while PayPal investigates the bank reversal.





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Re: Unresolved Dispute!

ok seem to be learning a lot here so perhaps you can tell me how long will paypal give the seller to contact them they have sent emails out at lest three times to my knowledge before this thing is settled


Re: Unresolved Dispute!

On Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 9:03 AM, paypal wrote:

Dear Andrew fry,

Your PayPal account currently has a negative balance of -£284.00.

Please repay this outstanding amount immediately. You can call us on
0208 6100 150 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              0208 6100 150      end_of_the_skype_highlighting between the hours of 8am to 5.30pm for information on how
to repay.

Failure to repay will result in your debt being passed to a Collections

or Agency, which in turn may affect your credit rating.

If you’re negative balance is due to a failed bank transfer, our system
may automatically re-apply to your bank for the payment. If this is the
case, please ensure that there are sufficient funds in your bank
account. If not, please contact us on the number above.

If you have already initiated to add funds from your bank account to
clear the negative balance please respond to this email and notify us of
this. It normally takes between 5 - 7 business days to add funds from a
bank account.

If you have already repaid your negative balance please disregard this


this is a copy of a messages i got from paypal today this is the fair system that is for the victim in a scam !! if so why am i geting hounded and threatended with action against me for money for a phone i never had or eveer likely to get and could end up in court   ???????????????????/


Re: Unresolved Dispute!

no , i never even contacted my bank about the situation the only ones were ebay and then paypal, i had to close out ebay claim in order to file with paypal, the only others were the sellers.  I was refunded today for one of the 3 so im still waiting for reply from canal boat or paypal, maybe.......It is a shame people place orders from sellers ,in my case another country and am yet to actually receive anything,...Pay pal contacted me and said because i had filed a complaint with ebay and had closed it out then i had resolved the problem, where as paypal told me originally to close action with ebay in order to file claim with pay pal.  The problem with these sellers was never fixed. The items , all three were to be a wedding gift as a the items were separates that actually went together, needless to say NO GIFT to the bride .