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ongoing dispute with a company-disappointment with Paypal


ongoing dispute with a company-disappointment with Paypal

My dispute was finally resolved from June to yesterday.  I am very unsatisfied and wondered if anyone else has had this issue.  The company I dealt with to order a trampoline May 24th for my Grandson's birthday was portraying themselves as an American company.  They have warehouses in CA and NJ and stated a 10-15 day delivery date.  When I tried to cancel the end of June because it was never delivered and the company  quit communicating with me I was told it was in transit and could not be cancelled even though they could not provide a Fedex number to me.  They did not send the item until July after I opened the dispute in June with Paypal.  A week later it arrived but was missing parts.

Yesterday I received an email from Paypal that I would get full reimbursement from the company if I sent it back.  However, they want me to send it to China instead of the CA warehouse that Fedex showed it was shipped from.  Of course everybody knows it would cost more than the price of the trampoline to send it there.  All I asked for was a partial reimbursement to purchase the missing parts locally.

Well Paypal thinks this is an honorable resolution and I think it is just another way to scam me and I am very upset by it.  I spent almost $400 for this item and am very upset with the whole situation, including Paypal's resolution.  Any thoughts on this from anybody?  I cannot seem to find a phone number to call Paypal to discuss it.  Any emails I send are returned with generic replies.

A very disgruntled Grandma!