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Scammers Playsdom

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Scammers Playsdom

Hi there

How many of you on here are experiencing difficulty obtaining full credit back from a company Playsdom?

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Re: Scammers Playsdom

I've had the same issue. Ordered a clock, got a wallet like so many others. Dispute opened with PayPal, but they want me to send it back at more cost to ship than the original item is worth. Dispute also opened with CC company.  Many additional reports of the same thing here: & As well as their facebook community page 


Their website is offline as well. Clearly and fully a scam. 


Re: Scammers Playsdom

I haven’t looked at the other links, but the Facebook group not only has people who ordered clocks (like me) but also other people have ordered different goods and still received wallets. Address/customs label on the envelope has all the correct tracking details, and even has the content as “wallet”, value $5 (optimistic, I’d say). I have had a similar experience ordering something else from China, which I did return – and eventually it came back to me a month later. I got my refund for the goods – but not the postage – as the delivery company had marked it delivered. I threw it away. Incidentally, the shop was only registered as a domain name on 13 Oct 2020 so it didn’t exactly hang around long.

Re: Scammers Playsdom

I got a message to send this to PAYPAL


Please provide any information we ask you to send us within 3 days. If we don't hear back from you within this time frame, we may decide this case in the seller's favour.

Please fill in the below declaration and upload your documents via the Resolution Centre. Please quote your case ID: PP-D-xxxxxxxxx.

From: ____________________________________

Regarding: ____________________________________

Case number:
Transaction ID:

I confirm that one of the following occurred (please indicate by marking the box):

  • [ ] Instead of the item I expected, I received an empty box.
  • [ ] Instead of the item I expected, I received an item of little or no value.
  • [ ] I received the item I expected with missing parts, components or pieces.
  • [ ] I received less than the full quantity of the item.
  • [ ] The item I received has been confiscated by, or turned over to, the police or another authority.

I declare, under penalty of perjury, that all statements submitted herewith are true to the best of my knowledge.

___________________________ ____________________

Signature date




Worth a try...


Re: Scammers Playsdom

Same here. And paypal will not send my money back.
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Re: Scammers Playsdom

PayPal is considering their side of the story

Website disappeared, checked out new and seems okay at first now shows as scammers

Was a sponsored seller by Facebook so don't buy off Facebook - including reputable companies

I made a mistake shortly before this, instead of a keyboard, got a card wallet and seller wanted me to send it back for refund AU$20 postage.

PayPal helped last time but not this time. You can't talk to a real person at PayPal now!

All I want is my money back



Re: Scammers Playsdom

I got my money back a few days ago.. Try use my case as a reference. PP-D-100564883....