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How to get a time extension for a claim

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How to get a time extension for a claim

To whom receives this message,


Over the past week, I have been filed a claim for a refund by <removed>. In which I have accepted. I have been in touch with Scoggins, almost daily and I have tried to refund her through an alternate method than PayPal, as I have been having difficulties in trying to add money into my account. Through this investigation of finding out a way to refund Scoggins, it has taken a large amount of time, and there are only 2 days left of this investigation claim. The issue is, I have figured out a way to get the money onto my PayPal to refund Scoggins, but the money will take 3-5 days to enter the account, and the notification emails keep alerting me that I only have 2 days remaining. Is there anyways that I can get a time extension to deal with this claim and refund Scoggins?


Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you,