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Ordered item 6 months ago & hasn't arrived


Ordered item 6 months ago & hasn't arrived

I ordered an item on September 23, 2020 from The Specialty Store.  Not sure if it was through eBay but I did pay with PayPal.  I cut the seller some slack what with the pandemic slowing everything down but enough is enough.


I've been going around in circles with their messaging system - no one answers.  When I telephoned PayPal,  it can't find an item that far back & doesn't give me ANY option to say when the item was purchased!  When I tried entering the date on the "calendar" online it just shot me back to the same old circular sequence. 


How the heck do I get to talk with a LIVE PERSON so I can start a dispute??!!  Nothing seems to work.  Should I actually send them a snail mail letter or something to get some help?


Thanks for any suggestions you can give.