Postal refund


In August I printed off a label through Ebay site for a recently sold item. I didn't notice the weight limitation in the top left hand corner and printed off a label for 1 Kg parcel instead of 2Kg. I contacted Paypal on the day and they responded via email  "We have reviewed all the details of your claim. Based on the information we have to date, we have to deny your claim. This decision was made because an unused shipping label will automatically be credited back to you within 30 days. No further action is required". Now my problem, as no refund has been received I contacted Paypal and they advised it was Ebay responsibility to refund the postage. Ebay denied it was their responsibility initially said it was Paypal, later they said it was Royal Mail. Everyone is denying responsibility even to the point of saying I had not cancelled the label within the prescribed time. At no time did Paypal indicate that there was a time limit on refunds as I relied on their email advise that the matter would remedy itself within 30 days. Anyone got any advice on who is ultimately responsible to give me my refund.

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