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Fantastic was of making money illegally on eBay using Paypal


Fantastic was of making money illegally on eBay using Paypal

My first post here: I'm really excited! I have a great idea to share with everyone!

I have a great idea that I know works on how to make money illegally on eBay by using Paypal

I want to share the details to the world!


I discovered how because I was the victim 😞

But hey: I plan to make money from the experience by creating a website dedicated to the story (and then selling the film rights for a million bucks)


It's a long story, but very quickly:


- I purchased a phone that was declared brand new!!

- I got the phone: not new - had a few scratches on!!!

- I contacted buyer - no response. Booo hoo hoo hoo (me crying)

- I raised a dispute and said I would take £30 refund

- Shortly after... the seller accepted! I was OK... I thought I'd paid a good price for the phone - albeit with a few scratches

- A few weeks later I turned the phone on (yes, yes, yes: how dumb is that!! Wait a few weeks!!?? Whatever: this is what I did!)

- The **bleep** phone is blocked!!! It's barred. Cannot be used!!!! It's a **bleep** brick!! No good to anyone!!

(Well, actually, you can unblock - but that's illegal - so let's not join the criminals and join such low life activities!)

- Action man goes into action again (that's me): I log onto Paypal and try to raise another dispute

- Erm... you can't. You bl**dy (note to moderators: bloody is NOT a swear word) can't. That's the Paypal rules - I looked it up, it was written 200 years ago and has stayed the same since

- No, no, no - I am not mad, the world is not mad either - this MUST be a Paypal glitch

- I called Paypal and gave them 30 minutes of my life speaking on the phone

- I spoke to a great warrior from Paypal - she defended the arcane Paypal rule like a great fighter countering every line of common sense I threw at her - I was tired by the end of the call and admitted defeat - she won - boy, she was a **bleep** great verbal fighter!!


To summarise how to make money from Paypal illegally using eBay:


- sell a phone (a nice expensive one like an iPhone) + say that it comes with a tasty bubble gum

- let's assume you get £400 for the phone

- make sure you insure the phone

- send the phone WITHOUT the bubble gum

- the buyer will receive the phone BUT with no tasty bubble gum!! Whoooo hahahahhahaha!!! (Evil laugh)

- they will immediately contact you and demand the tasty yummy bubble gum

- you reply and say: oh golly gosh, I'm really sorry - I have no tasty scrumptious bubble gum left - booo hooo hooo (crying)

- and tell them to raise a dispute and tell them to demand a refund for £10, say

- they will fall into your trap!! I guarantee or your money back!

- the buyer accepts the refund and dispute is closed

- now here's the clever bit: call your phone operator and say your phone has been stolen (try crying and whinging on the phone to get sympathy) and make a claim through your insurance

- the phone will be blocked and barred and will be unusable now!! Hahahaha Woooo hahahahahahahahaha (really evil laugh)

- You will then have £400 + a be given a brand new spanking shiny phone - awesome, **bleep** awesome - that's all I can say


- And Mr Poor old buyer of the phone: they'll be stuck with a phone they can't use!!

- Isn't that the funniest thing in the world!!

- They can't do ANYTHING! Paypal will protect you, remember: they give you 100% protection (as quoted every where on eBay) - as long as you post and get a tracking number


The above idea works especially for mobile phones - but with some modification could work with cars and other things


OK, OK, OK, so the buyer can report you to the police - but who cares - I have an escape plan for that (it involves running away to Brazil and getting plastic surgery) - if you want details of that plan, you'll have to subscribe to my website and pay money - I'll give you all the details later


Honest: I'm creating a website about the whole idea - I'll post back here with a link (if I'm allowed)


And before I get any moaners replying about showing bad people how to make money: please save it - we're in a recession, we all need money - it's a dog eat dog world out there - follow the example of Paypal and don't give a **bleep** about the rest of the world (let alone it's loyal customers)


Would be great to hear what others say







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Re: Fantastic was of making money illegally on eBay using Paypal

Hi Omar - an excellently written piece. I for one will be paying to watch your movie. I suppose you will fund it through this scam? I draw the line at doing this myself, however, an escape to Brazil could be tempting. Good luck man.


Re: Fantastic was of making money illegally on eBay using Paypal

Hey there omarm, I appreciate the frustration there. PayPal does have Buyer and Seller Protection Policies and we would encourage all out users to review them, they are very clear and easy to read. Click ‘Legal Agreements’ at the bottom of any PayPal page, and then click ‘User Agreement’.


Re: Fantastic was of making money illegally on eBay using Paypal

Great this just happend to me too. the only difference is that the seller waited long enough for the dipute deadline to pass and now when I try to open a dispute on paypal it tells me to go to the ebay resolution center. ebay tells me that they cant do anything because the 45 day deadline for disputes has passed, all they say is for me to phone the seller and ask for my money back. However I dont fancy being threathened by a criminal on the phone considering he will automatically be sent my contact detail when I request his.

I dont think ebay or paypal understand how serious this scam is, the seller has commited 2 crimes, one for insurance fraud and a second for selling stolen goods.

Is there any other way to get my money back?


Re: Fantastic was of making money illegally on eBay using Paypal

Hey there,


As its over the 45 days neither PayPal or eBay can investigate the case. I would still go through the process of opening one on PayPal though. Even though they aren’t investigated they are marked on the sellers account for the lifetime of the account and if the seller is doing this on a regular basis this won’t go unnoticed.


In relation to the funds, you can always check with your bank and see if they offer any protection. 


Re: Fantastic was of making money illegally on eBay using Paypal

Yes there are other ays to get your money back some options below.


1 Try ringing paypal see if the will open again.

2 If you paid by debit card contact your bank and ask about chargeback (not all staff know about chargeback for debit cards

3 If  you paid by credit card lot more protection escpecially if item is over 100 pounds

4 Get seller details and take them to county court (your only option if you used paypal funds)

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Re: Fantastic was of making money illegally on eBay using Paypal

...the seller waited long enough for the dipute deadline to pass...


If the seller is dragging the process out by not replying to your contacts in a timely manner, there's nothing to stop you opening a dispute anyway, to make sure you fall within the deadline.  It's very important to keep an eye on the calendar if you are in direct contact with an uncooperative or obstructive seller.